What the heck is going on here?

Credit: Zzest Facebook

Last month, the popular Zzest Cafe & Bar closed its doors due to owners Jerry and LeeAnn Zubay retiring.

However, it appears their children Jason Zubay and Lindsay Zubay, who currently run "The Porch & Cellar", have some other ideas cooking because a mysterious video recently popped up on Zzest's Facebook page titled "Chapter One: The Lookout"... watch for yourself:

According to an article by Jeff Kiger at the Post-Bulletin, the plan now is that the 'Porch' team will open a "burger bar" in the old Zzest location across from the Apache Mall at 16th St. SW.

Credit: Zzest Facebook

As you can see from watching the video, the person who's looking out on top of the roof has a unique hamburger logo on her T-shirt, possibly alluding to the name of a future Rochester franchise?

While Jeff thinks there's a good chance of a "burger battle" happening between Newts and this new business, it could also just be two families having fun with each other and doing some cross-promoting on social media to drum up interest?

Whatever it is, I'm excited to see any future breadcrumbs because I've been a huge fan of both of their families many franchises since I first moved to Rochester over 12 years ago!

After doing some of my own investigating, I've learned there's two more videos in the works... perhaps we'll learn even more sooner rather than later?

In any case I say, bring on the burgers!