Sure, we finally get a spring with fairly warm temperatures and not a lot of snow, but these common pests are also set to reappear in Minnesota.

After the last two years-- when Old Man Winter didn't seem to want to quit and kept dumping snowstorms and cold weather on us well into April-- THIS year our spring weather has seemed much milder here in Minnesota.

Of course, we're all quarantined at home thanks to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, but at least we've been able to get out and enjoy some warmer weather over the past couple of days. (I know my wife and I have noticed WAAAY more people out in our neighborhood when we've been out walking our dog, Asher.)

But, now that it's April, did you know that these two common Minnesota warm-weather pests are also set to make their return to the Land of 10,000 Lakes? That's right-- it won't be long before those dreaded mosquitoes and tics reemerge from their long winter's nap.

According to the gang over at Minnesota Phrenology Network (a group of naturalists who record the timing of when various seasonal events happen each year across Minnesota), we could be seeing those first signs of mosquitoes YET THIS WEEK.

According to this MinnPost story, mosquitoes, on average, start to show up here in Minnesota around April 4th. (That's this Saturday!) They've been spotted as early as  March 4th and as late as May 10th. We have a little more time before we have to worry about tics, though. The story says they usually show up, on average, around April 12th (which is next Sunday-- Easter this year.) They've been spotted as early as March 29th and as late as April 29th.

So, in addition to the hand sanitizer, now we'll also have to add bug spray to our shopping lists during our one essential trip out of the house when we head to the store, am I right?!?

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