Outside of the fact that I do have some English heritage in my blood, I just found out that I have something else in common with the Queen of England.


Know what it is? Why, we both enjoy a lovely cocktail. And, actually, it looks like the Queen enjoys her cocktails even MORE than I do. (Which is a pretty tough thing to do!)

According to this Vanity Fair article, Britain's Queen Elizabeth enjoys not one or two, but FOUR cocktails... every day. That's right. FOUR. And we're talking serious drinks here, too, not just something like a Miller Lite. She starts off with a "gin and and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and a 'lot of ice,'" for lunch. (Which, I'm told, is similar to a gin and tonic.)

Also, at lunch, the Queen enjoys a dry gin martini, as well as a glass of wine. So, yeah, that's three drinks-- all before 1 p.m. (I'm impressed!) She then holds off until just before bed, when she has a glass of bubbly (that'd be some champagne) before hitting the hay.

Now, I, too, enjoy all those things... but not everyday! My wife and I will often times kick-off our weekend with a dry gin martini and then have a beer or two. But that's only on Fridays, not on regular 'school nights' during the week.

(Okay, full disclosure here: I do enjoy having a lovely IPA or ale just about every day, but I always chalked that up to my having grown up in over in Wisconsin. Maybe, though, it has more to do with that British heritage of mine.)

Either way, though, the Queen just turned 91 and is still going strong, so who am I to judge?!? She must know something I don't. Looks like I'd better get drinking!

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