Hint: It had everything to do with her new album.

I'll admit it guys, this weekend I totally dove into RaeLynn's new album Wildhorse! Here's a few reasons why...

  1. Lyrically, it's her best stuff yet! Take a look at some of "Love Triangle" for instance. It goes, "Bowling alley burger. Fries and a milkshake. Heading to the same old. Two-dollar matinee. Baby, how’s your school been and how’s your mom?" ...been through a divorce in your family? Yeah, you remember that awkward feeling.
  2. It was worth the wait.
  3. We learn more about who RaeLynn is as a person.

Now onto what happened over the weekend, while I was obsessing. I took a moment to post about it on Instagram. No big deal, right? UNTIL THIS HAPPENED!

raelynn insta val on quick_154

Shut the front door! RaeLynn took time out of her busy day to reach out to me herself, and thank me for the kind words about the album. I can't be happier!

Have you had a brush with a celeb like this before?

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