It came wrapped as a Christmas gift from my wife. As I tore open the paper, I saw the words 'Mr. Beer' and knew what it was. A home brewing kit. So last weekend when I found myself with some time on my hands, I started brewing beer. 

My wife opted to gift me an American Lager kit, the process of getting everything ready to brew was less than 5 minutes worth of work, and a few minutes of sanitizing. After some boiling and stirring of some ingrediants from the kit it was time to start 'making beer'. All of the liquid, and some yeast wound up in the LBK or Little Brown Keg and is currently in the first round of home brewing, fermentation. I'll know on Friday how it's coming along, and whether or not it's ready for bottling.

I'll end up posting some more updates as the home brewing process continues. Expect to see some photos now that we are getting closer to some 'action' aka bottling and or the 2nd stage of the brewing process, carbonation.

Fingers crossed it ends up tasting good!

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