Every now and then I hop on Indiegogo.com and check out some of the crowdsourcing inventions and ideas that are out there. That is how I stumbled onto Spirit Top, a mini bottle that you put onto a can and as you open it, it mixes with the content of the can.

The creator of the Spirit Top is a seemingly normal guy named Matt Staus. Matt is a career waiter/bartender of 20+ years, who has always aspired to be an inventor and entrepreneur.  A father of 3 kids, Matt works evenings full time while dedicating his days to the pursuit of this passion. So far he has fully funded the entire project according to the Indiegogo page for Spirit Top.

One question I had was what brands will be available? Right now, according to the FAQ page, Spirit Top is currently in discussion with several brands interested in using Spirit Tops for their brands.

You can watch the video above that talks about this unique project. I kinda like how it pops on top of the can, and it seems like it's an easy way to have a cocktail on the golf course or tailgating without worrying about a glass bottle breaking or your mini-bottles getting lost or breaking.

So far Matt has raised $4,725 (Monday afternoon) towards his goal of $5,000. Now the $5,000 is just a start, as he states on his indiegogo page that the raised funds will go towards;

"IP Protection both Domestic and International (currently patent pending):  up to $25,000

Acquiring agreements with brands, events, and other vendors: up to $50,000

Tooling and Production: over $250,000"

Hopefully, the project succeeds and the 'Spirit Top' becomes a regular item we see.

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