This morning I had the opportunity to chat with one of our amazing listeners. She told me that today (February 26th) was Minnesota School Bus Diver Appreciation Day. I did some research and KARE 11 did an article on how there is one of the largest shortages of school bus drivers in state history. The article said that this job is very important because these folks are powerful mentors to the 760,000 kiddos that ride the bus each day. Being a bus driver is not an easy job! I really do appreciate all the folks out there that get kiddos safely to and from school.

I got to think... many of us spent a significant amount of time on school buses, so we had to pick up a thing or two from our peers. Right? The only time I rode the school bus was for sports and field trips. Even then I got the latest gossip and learned how to cheat on tests. My high school was so large we had to wear ID's around our neck all day every day. One of my teammates told me you could slip a small piece of paper behind your ID with all the formulas you need to pass your physics test and no one would ever know. That was probably the craziest thing I have learned. Other than all the gossip about football players cheating on their girlfriends, who was mad at who and of course who had a crush on Mr or Miss popular, my bus rides were pretty mild.

So... What did you learn? Did you learn a naughty word? How to spit a spit wad? Did you learn a trendy dance? Let us know one of your memories good or bad from riding the school bus inside our station's app!

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