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The holiday season just isn't the same without hearing Christmas music, right? But while some songs are great, some are just the opposite. So just which Christmas song is the most annoying here in Minnesota?

That's the question the crew over at FinanceBuzz wanted to find out. They surveyed 1,500 Americans and analyzed Google search trends to find the Most Popular Christmas Song in every state (check out which song Minnesota likes the best.) And, they also found out which songs we *don't* like much.

When I was a kid growing up, I remember my grandpa being annoyed by the classic Christmas song 'The Little Drummer Boy,' because he thought there were so many versions that it was played all the time.

These days, the list of the Most Annoying Christmas Songs doesn't contain that holiday classic, but it does contain several other songs of the season that, while popular, might become just a wee bit annoying. (Or a LOT bit annoying.)

So what IS the Most Annoying Christmas Song in Minnesota this year? That honor goes to Mariah Carey and her 1994 classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You.' Now, that song also just topped the Billboard Top 200 Global Chart, with a whopping 93.6 million streams, so while it's obviously popular, that might be the reason it also topped this list-- it's played so much this time of year, it can also be annoying.

Following as the second-most annoying song on the list this year is the novelty song 'The Chipmunk Song,' also known as 'Christmas Don’t Be Late,' by the classic group, Alvin and the Chipmunks. I owned a copy of that record when I was a little kid, so that one doesn't bother me too much-- though I don't hear it all that much.

Rounding out the rest of the Most Annoying Christmas Songs list are the holiday classics, 'Feliz Navidad,' by Jose Feliciano; 'A Holly Jolly Christmas' by Burl Ives; and 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' which has been covered by a TON of different singers over the years. Which holiday song do YOU think is the most annoying?

Those treasured Christmas songs sure do help bring back memories of Christmases past, right? Speaking of the past, keep scrolling to check out what the hottest toys and gadgets were during Christmas the year you were born-- and what the must-have items were when we were all growing up!

Courtesy FinanceBuzz
Courtesy FinanceBuzz

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