I'm not sure how I saw this video yesterday. It was shared from a friend of a friend and it's kinda odd. The video taken Sunday night into Monday morning shows an orb-like object shimmering and moving against an ink-black sky, and then fade away. What do you think it is?

Some people in the comments thought it was ALIENS! Others thought it was something or rather someone from the spiritual plane. Still, others thought it's the moon shining through tree branches blowing in the wind. Some think it could be a drone flying at night. What do you think it is?

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The Facebook video from Michele Lampman Nelson was posted Monday afternoon and has been shared a handful of times. 

Michele in her post states in a reply to someone who thinks it is the reflection of Michele's phone in the window that "It was the brightest light that I’ve ever seen and when I went to take a picture of it moved so then I did a video but you think it’s a reflection."

Back in April of this year there was a report of a UFO sighting near Sandstone. According to the National UFO Reporting Center website, there were multiple UFO sightings so far in the month of July with the most recent happening July 22 in Coon Rapids.

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