With the holiday season underway, a constant flow of boxes and packages are being delivered to front porches all throughout Rochester (thanks for the sweater, Aunt Patty!). That should be a fun thing (because it's always fun to get a package!), but there's a small group of awful, no-good joy thieves hellbent on ruining your afternoon:

...Porch pirates. A.K.A. Mailbox thieves. Just like this lady!

Thanks to Lifehacker, here are some recommendations on what to do if you find yourself being the victim of package thievery.

1. Look For Your Package

I mean, yeah. But UPS recommends to check on "back porches, bushes, garages, grills, or other places that might protect your package from theft of weather." It might be worth asking your neighbors if they accidentally received your package. Fingers crossed! But if not...

2. Reach Out To Your Seller

If it looks like your package was indeed stolen, reach out to the seller (like Amazon, for example). They might have some extra information about your order, like whether or not it was delayed. They can even confirm if your package was delivered, and help you out with a replacement order or refund.

3. Contact the Shipping Company

Otherwise, you can contact the shipping company to help track down your order. Most major companies will offer insurance on packages, and help you file a claim. But most importantly, they could also track down the driver and confirm that your package was delivered to your front porch.

4. Contact Your Credit Card

Your credit card provider might be able to issue you a refund, as many purchases are protected under your agreement.

5. Other Ways To Protect Yourself

Sometimes preparation is key. If you're at work all day, you could just have your order delivered to the office. The UPS also has Authorized Shipping Outlets that can store your package for pick-up. And of course, you can also get a security camera or video doorbell. That might not protect your package from being stolen, but it could end up helping law enforcement track down the

Source: Lifehacker

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