My husband and I have both been getting these phone calls the past few weeks. Someone claiming to be from the IRS, threatening "extreme measures" if we don't take care of the debt immediately. If you've been getting them too, don't fall for it! No matter how legit it may seem, it's not.

According to the NY Times, a similar situation happened over a course of four years causing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses to more than 15,000 victims. Twenty-four people were convicted and sentenced in the case. Because of an uptick in reported fake calls over the past few weeks, the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota has issued a warning.

First and most importantly, the IRS will NOT call you. If you owe the IRS money, you would get a letter. They do not harass you or demand immediate payment. And, they never ask for payment with a prepaid card.

If you receive one of these fraudulent IRS phone calls, BBB recommends you:

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