I spotted it while walking along the Zumbro River path earlier this week in downtown Rochester. But just what was it?


I headed down to the newly-remodeled Civic Center earlier this week to buy some tickets to see the Bodeans later this fall when I spotted it. An easy way to get to the Civic Center from the Quick Country 96.5 Worldwide Headquarters is to take the path along the river, just off Third Street Southeast.

As I walked along the path above the mighty Zumbro River, I saw these multi-colored boxes across the river, on the landing just below the Government Center. I snapped the picture to the above to the left. I had to zoom in as much as my iPhone would let me, and due to the bright sunlight, it was tough to get a clear shot.

So what is it? And how are those boxes attached to one another? They look like they might topple over if we get one of the gusty winds for which Rochester can be known. Is it an art installation -- like when the Red Ball made a stop in the Med City a few years ago?

It's kind of cool -- I just don't know what exactly it is. Do you?

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