They were big in the '80's, but I've seen several of these signs on cars around southeast Minnesota again. The bigger question I have though, is why do people put them on their vehicles?

I'm talking about those yellow Baby On Board signs. I've seen them on several cars around our neck of the woods recently-- maybe you have too. Which just proves the old adage about everything old being new again, because the original version of these signs first showed up over 30 years ago.

Most people probably put them on their car for safety reasons, right? According to, the origin of the first signs back in the 80's was just that. The site says the signs were designed as a message to "other drivers to exercise additional care, reminders that they shared the road with vehicles carrying children."


And, I'm guessing that's the reason behind the Kids On Board sign I saw the other day too. But they both seem a little foolish if you ask me. Because every time I see a Baby (or Kids) On Board sign, I say this to myself:

"Oh... you have a baby on board? Well, then I guess I'd better drive more safely! Had I not known you had a baby in your vehicle, why, I was just going carelessly slam right into you! Tha's right! I was going to sideswipe you right here on Highway-52, but now that I know there's a baby in there, I'm going to slow down and drive with caution!"

I get that these signs are promoting safety on our roads-- which is a good thing-- but shouldn't we be exercising more safety while driving and watching out for other cars, motorcycles and bikes REGARDLESS of who's inside-- baby, kids or anyone else?!?

Now, if somebody made a "Put Down Your Phone And Just Drive!" sign, I'd put that one on my car right now-- especially as Minnesota's Hand's Free Law is set to go into effect this week!

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