So... my first week on the job, everyone was telling me that Minnesota has a bad crow problem. I didn't believe it until last week. Before work, I was driving around Silver Lake and I saw like five hundred crows just chilling like villains. Then last night, I took my roommate's dog out and there was a ton of them flying over our back yard.

According to KTTC, the crow problem is nothing new. The article says that every year, city crews work hard to take care of the problem, but crows are smart animals.  They adapt really well to most solutions the city has. I learned something new... the city has crews out from November to February using different techniques to try and get rid of the birds. The question I have... why would an animal want to live in one of the coldest states ever during the winter? If I was a bird, I'd want to live somewhere a tad warmer! ;)

The reason that this is a problem... crow poop! They poop on our cars, on the sidewalk and in many places they shouldn't. I've only had one poop on my truck so far, but I have a feeling that's going to change. So I guess it's not a new problem, but it is a problem that I'm just going to have to learn to live with. LOL If you have any suggestions on how to take care of the crow problem, let us know inside the station app.

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