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It's not every day that you are walking along the poop-filled sidewalks of downtown Rochester when you notice tents being thrown over the trees.  If you haven't been in downtown Rochester for a bit, here's the fast update - we've got a lot of businesses that are closed forever, construction is still going on in the Peace Plaza, and there are some sidewalks that at times get so full of crow poop, you want to gag.

From the chatter going on in the social media world, the "tents" are to help mitigate the crow situation we have happening in our downtown area.  I don't know all the science behind why the crows keep coming back but if there is food, warmth, and trees, we will probably have crows.  They are very smart birds too and know where to go for all of the above.

You may have heard my loud complaints back in January when I posted some photos after a walk that I took in downtown Rochester.  I wasn't happy.  I almost threw up because of the smell and yesterday, I had an almost duplicate experience.  (If you'd like to look at crow poop today, you can see those below.)

One of my co-workers, James Rabe, heard the distress in my voice while we were chatting on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show and did find out that our downtown crew would be working on cleaning up our sidewalks but they had to wait until it warmed up.  It did get cleaned up eventually but unfortunately, we are in that limbo area again where the poop is there but it is too cold to clean it.

Do you think the nets will keep the crows away or should something else be done?  Let me know over on our app (just hit chat) or send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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...as promised, here are the crow poop photos that I'm sure you've anxiously been waiting to see.

Does Rochester, Mn have a crow problem? This poop says 'yes'!

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