It seems like they just got here! Are they gone already?

If you're not from Rochester, you don't enjoy that season that approaches every fall and early winter in our area. You're probably thinking " just listed seasons... what are you talking about?"

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

...I'm talking about CROW SEASON. It comes every late October/early November. This year, however, they came late.

Yes, friends - these poor men's versions of ravens descend upon our fair city every year leaving plenty of evidence behind. Don't believe me? Take a look at my car, or our parking lot, or any sidewalk in downtown Rochester before the snow and ice completely cover it! Trust me, evidence of their presence is there.

What fascinates us every year is just how many come into town at once, right as the sun sets for the evening. We're talking thousands! It ends up looking like a Hitchcock movie. They are so numerous that they have been labeled a "problem" for years.

This year what different because it appears to be a short crow season. One that only lasted a week... and that was last week, so my guess is you've already missed them if you haven't seen (or heard!) them yet.

There's always next year!

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