Val and Samm went live for Whine Time this week (on Facebook), and things get weird.

For starters, we did this for #NationalWineDay. We knew we wanted to discuss the weather with you. We didn't know that this conversation would turn into us discussing autocorrect fails, wine, and introducing you to our new best friend.

Get ready. Or don't. We don't actually know what's going on here.

Oh yes, the "ducking" fail has nailed us all! HAHA! We want to know what your worst autocorrect fail is. Do you have one? Is it worse than ours?

Seriously, we had a blast with you guys - and we didn't intend on this video last twenty two minutes! Time really does fly when you're having fun, and we hope you'll join us again soon! We'll keep you posted on when the next Whine Time Live is!

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