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While portions of southern Minnesota received some decent snowfall over the weekend, it was nothing compared to the massive amount of snow that fell across parts of Iowa, as these pictures show!

The most recent winter storm took a last-minute turn and spared much of the North Star State the snowfall that was initially forecast to fall across the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Sure, parts of southeast Minnesota, like Rochester, received around 6 inches of snow, but much of the Twin Cities metro didn't see much snow at all.

And, there's nothing that angers native Minnesotans like NOT getting the snowfall that was initially 'promised' to them in previous weather forecasts! And so, I will admit that there's a certain amount of jealousy that washed over me when I saw how much snow fell across Clayton County, Iowa recently.

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Clayton County is located southeast of Minnesota in extreme eastern Iowa. In fact, its eastern border is the Mississippi River directly across from Wisconsin. It's about 60 miles from Minnesota's southern state line.

That area of Iowa was walloped by Old Man Winter over the weekend. According to the National Weather Service office in the Quad Cities:

A significant winter storm brought heavy snow and near to blizzard conditions across all of eastern IA and northwest IL on Friday, January 12. Snowfall amounts between 7 and 15 inches were common, with the higher end of the snowfall totals observed mainly along a line from the Quad Cities metro westward to Fairfield IA.

And the Clayton County Iowa Road Department posted some amazing pictures on their Facebook page recently, showing their snow removal equipment nearly buried in some massive snow drifts. Check out how HIGH those drifts are-- they're nearly burying those massive plows and snowblowers!

So, shout out to the folks in Clayton County, who have WAAY more snow than we do here in Minnesota so far this winter. Here in the Bold North, while we may not have as much snow, we HAVE been dealing with some pretty nippy temperatures recently.

But it's not a huge deal, seeing as Minnesotans know what to do to keep warm-- and also what NOT to do. Keep scrolling to check out 13 Things You Should NEVER Do When It's Below Zero in Minnesota, as well as the Most Extreme Temperatures Ever Recorded in Every State.

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