This summer we have already broken heat index records and we aren't even through July yet. How is that humanly possible? Well, the answer to this question... Corn Sweat! Yes, you read that right! Corn sweat too on really hot days and cause the heat index to rise! Let's just say there's a lot of science in it!

I had to ask my grandfather who's a farmer about this and he did confirm it's true. So what do corn and weather have in common? According to CBS News when hot winds blow over a cornfield it causes corn to sweat. If you are an ag geek like me, you probably want to know how this is possible. To keep it short, corn takes in the water through its roots and the extra water that the corn doesn't need is released through its leaves through these pour like structures. That water comes out in a gas form according to CBS News. Those gases make up the dewpoint along with other factors that are hard to explain.

So last week we can blame the corn for breaking all those heat index records in Minnesota! It was so hot in Minnesota not only the corn was sweating... we were, animals were and everything in between experienced the sweats. Next time you are near a cornfield maybe put some water in the corns irrigation trench to cool it down so its sweat won't make us sweat.

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