The snowbanks are getting higher and higher across southeast Minnesota this winter, so do you remember the last time we had this much snow?

The snow we got Sunday was officially 4.2 inches at the airport. (We only had about two at our place in northwest Rochester) but that was still enough to set not only the record amount of snowfall for February 17th, but it also pushed Rochester's total for February to just shy of 22 inches.

Which is a brand new record! So, yeah, congrats-- we're in the middle of the snowiest February in Rochester history! Woo hoo! And even though December and most of January were both pretty dry (remember when we didn't have ANY snow on the ground in late December?) this is shaping up to be a pretty snowy winter.

Chris Kuball, Chief Meteorologist over at ABC 6 News posted some stats on his Twitter page last week about how our snow total for this winter was nearing 55 inches-- which is well over the seasonal average total of 51 inches!

All that snowfall means the snow is pretty deep on the ground, too. Last week the total snow depth at the airport was 15 inches, which is now nearly 19 inches thanks to Sunday's snow.

But do remember when was the last time snow was this deep? Chris says we have to go back five years, to March 10th of 2014, when the snow depth in Rochester was 15 inches. And don't put away those shovels just yet-- it looks like we'll add to that total this week, too, with another 4 to 8 inches coming our way on Wednesday!

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