When I was in high school and worked at a fast food restaurant, I was the master at making those chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream cones using the soft serve machine. There was a definite art required in getting just the right amount of ice cream in each cone and keeping each one straight. But I've noticed those chocolate/vanilla twist cones are tough to find these days!

It seems like one of two things has happened to them: either the soft serve machine at most places these days only serves vanilla (boring!), or the more upscale, hand-dipped cones have taken over. Nothing against those hand-dipped cones, mind you-- I love me some Culvers and Cold Stone Creamery-- but I do kind of miss those 'ol chocolate/vanilla soft serve twist cones, which, if I recall correctly, sold for 53 cents back in the day.

There was an ice cream place in Rib Mountain, Wis. near my house that served what they called the Pound Cone. It was a chocolate/vanilla twist cone that supposedly weighed in at a whopping 16-ounces. That sucker was big! It pretty much guaranteed that you'd get the 'ol brain freeze. Of course, if you ate a certain amount of them in one summer, you joined a their Wall of Fame and got a free t-shirt-- and also probably needed bypass surgery.

But back to today. Is there any place you know of here in southeast Minnesota that still sells the chocolate/vanilla twist cone?

(And here's a really boring video about the soft serve machine that will make the oh-so-elusive chocolate/vanilla twist cone, in case you're curious...)

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