What’s more American than a hot dog? And seeing as the 4th of July holiday is this weekend, a new survey is out that has found the best hot dog here in Minnesota.


So where is it, exactly? Well, according to this WCCO-TV story, the best hot dog here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes hails from the tiny town of Leota, and can be found at the V&M Grocery and Locker. (In case  you’re curious, Leota is a little over 200 miles west of Rochester, located just northwest of Worthington.)

The story says V&M is a family-owned shop that produces your usual meat items, like ring balogna, summer sausage, jerky and dried beef. But their hot dogs are their special item. And, they’re not saying what’s in the recipe that makes them so good.

“They say the recipe is a family secret, but they did say their recipe is mostly beef, and a little bit of pork,” the story noted. Those ingredients don’t sound like anything out of the ordinary, so I wonder just what else is in there that makes them so good.

If you don’t want to travel 200 miles just to get the Best Hot Dog in Minnesota, a trip to Twin Cities can get you the second-best dog. Coming in at No. 2, according to their poll, was Natedogs, the food truck and catering company based in Minneapolis.

So, where’s you favorite place to get a hot dog here in Minnesota?


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