This really spoiled things... and we're actually still talking about food here too.

On Tuesday, Officer Lee (who regularly posts on the Kenyon PD Facebook page) informed us via social media that someone had the nerve to throw food at the Kenyon Police Department building.

I'm sure we're all asking the same questions. Here are mine:

  • Who would do this?
  • Why would someone do this?
  • How did they get access to the office pantry to commit this act?

I can answer at least one of those questions. Lee mentioned that this food which was thrown came from a pantry they have in their unlocked entryway. This pantry is supposed to serve those in need who are welcome to grab food if they are facing a hard time.

This pantry includes food items donated by a variety of people, including the officers themselves. So, whoever did this actually hurt those in need. That's what really stings here. Is it possible they didn't realize this?

A recent report from Feeding America states that one in eleven people in Minnesota are hungry and need just over $285,000,000 to meet their food needs. Those are the people that this act affected.

While we have more questions than answers right now, I'm applauding Lee's response to this bizarre incident. He just wants the perpetrators to come forward, clean the mess up, and all will be forgiven. If they don't come forward, the panty will be locked - making it harder to serve those families in need who depend on it. What blows me away is that he felt compelled to apologize to their cleaning staff and City Hall for the mess when it wasn't even his.

What punishment should these goons face?

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