Samm Adams is on vacation this week, so that means we needed a guest whiner for Whine Time!

Out of the kindness of his heart, Curt St. John took a guest "whiner" spot and we decided to whine about Rochester drivers! Oh, he willingly wore a tiara, too! What a guy!

Seriously, what is the deal you guys? We have slow pokes on 52, we have merging issues, we have chronic indecisiveness when it comes to changing lanes or turning... the list could go on!

Here's what irks us the most!

Curt covered this in an earlier blog, as well. We really just don't get why drivers around here seem to struggle!

Of course, this is a former east-coast aggressive driver you're talking to here. Oh, and by the way! That tiara really was mine from 1999. Shout out to Miss Pennsylvania, and the Sweetheart division from Harrisburg in 1999! I won the spokes-model portion, not the beauty portion - go figure.

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