Earlier this week Minnesota Twins Communications & Player Relations Director Dustin Morse tweeted out the 2020 Twins walk-up music list. A few things stuck out to me on the list, one of those was why are the pitchers the only ones who seem to like rock/classic rock?

The tweet which has 27 of the 2020 Twins listed along with their walk-up music selected. Morse stated in the tweet that some of the Twins pitchers didn't select any walk-up music leaving us with the 27 players listed.
Image Credit: User @morsecode via Twitter
Image Credit: User @morsecode via Twitter

First off, I have to admit that I have no idea who half of the listed musicians are, but more importantly, it appears only pitchers and our back-up catcher truly appreciate rock. Let's sample those musical selections in which rock is featured to get the full effect shall we?

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Catcher Alex Avila chose this rock anthem by the White Stripes, and this one is just a jam. Not a news flash but, Jack White can play!

New pitching addition Rich Hill goes grunge with some Pearl Jam Even Flow. Classic.

Relief pitcher Zach Littell didn't go wrong with some Red Hot Chili Peppers. The opening 27 seconds ramp-up with guitar and drums enough to get you ready to run through a brick wall.

Another new pitcher Kenta Maeda picked King Gnu Hikoutei and I've never heard of them, but wow I might start following them after this.

Trevor May one of the Twin's elder statesmen of the bullpen went with Coheed & Cambria's Welcome Home. Check out that double-neck guitar, very metal!

Twins closer Taylor Rogers went with some Fleetwood Mac. Can't go wrong there. The guitar and drums at the beginning have the sound of a door being closed.

Reliever Devin Smeltzer went with the Eagles and Outlaw Man. Great deep cut. "Woman don't try to love me don't try to understand. The Life upon the road is a life of an Outlaw man."

And that's it! I gotta say one can never go wrong if your walk-up music features a guitar solo or drum solo.

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