Let's just say this moment was more than embarrassing!

Last night, we were excited for the Rochester Honkers opening night. There simply is no better way to kick off summer in Rochester than with a little baseball.

I arrived at the game, ready to meet all of you, maybe snap some selfies and just enjoy the atmosphere like a fan.... NOPE!!! As soon as I rolled in, I was told that I would be throwing the night's first pitch. Scratch that! First pitch of the SEASON!! Yeah, I was only a little intimidated.

Wanna know how it went? Miserable at best.

I'm just going to apologize to the guy on the receiving end of the that pitch, #13 Eddie Mathis. He's playing for the Honkers from Kentucky, and this poor guy probably had no idea he'd have to run for my pitch! Fun fact about Eddie: he was named the 24th-best pitching prospect, and 53rd-best overall player from the state of Kentucky by Prep Baseball Report. Thanks for hanging in there for me!

Were you at the game too? I'm just gonna go back to watching the Penguins in Game 2 against the Predators now....

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