I totally understand that area roads need repairing and repaving, but it's the timing of this latest project in downtown Rochester that has me scratching my head.


It was only a few weeks ago that the massive 4th Street reconstruction project downtown got underway. That has effectively blocked 4th Street as a way into downtown between 6th Street and 1st Streets until late October.

So, if you're trying to get downtown (like, say, to the Quick Country 96.5 Worldwide Headquarters or, I don't know... maybe Mayo Clinic?!?) from anywhere in south or northwest Rochester or from Highway-52, you're pretty much left with 2nd Street Southwest in front of St. Marys (which is usually clogged and busy) or 6th Street Southwest.

But wait-- now there's ALSO road construction on 6th Street Southwest too.

Come on, man!

According to this release from the Rochester Public Works Department, 6th Street Southwest is undergoing the following work:

'Existing deteriorated bituminous pavement surface in the project areas will be removed and replaced from 4th Avenue SW to East Frontage Highway 52 Road. The new pavement markings will provide for the inclusion of bike lanes on the street. Travel will be impacted.'

Travel will be impacted?!? You bet your sweet bippy travel will be impacted!  That stretch of 6th Street was as clogged yesterday (the first day of the project) as my arteries are after a visit to Brat Fest in Madison (which is a way-cool festival, but I digress.) So just why is it the city waited until NOW-- when 4th Street is ALSO torn up-- to do the 6th Street project?!?

Maybe doing the 6th Street resurfacing earlier this year-- like maybe in May, June or earlier in July-- would have been a better option! Is there anybody on-duty in the planning department down at Government Center?!?

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