Blanco Brown is among the country stars who are counting their blessings this holiday season.

Last Christmas, Brown didn’t get to spend much time with his family. He wasn’t up for much singing or dancing with those he loved, mostly because he was still working his way back from an August 2020 motorcycle accident.

But this year, things will be different.

“My plan for this Christmas is to spend time with family,” Brown tells Taste of Country. “My whole family will be singing, dancing and eating. It’s what we do every year — I didn’t get to have those moments with them last year because I was in recovery, so I’m looking forward to it. I might also take a trip the day afterwards just to decompress!”

Indeed, as the pandemic continues to rage on, many country stars are looking forward to finding a way back to some semblance of normal.

“I haven’t been able to get home to Calgary for Christmas in two years, so I’m really excited to get back up there, spend some time with my family and just disconnect from work a little bit,” Lindsay Ell tells Taste of Country. “There are also quite a few documentaries and books that I’ve been meaning to check out, so I’m hoping I can dive into those.”

Indeed, the holiday season allows for many of country music’s busiest artists the time finally to turn their attention to rest, family and renewal. Taste of Country talked to many of them, most before the latest resurgence of COVID-19 across the country, to see just what they have planned for this most special of seasons.


 “Ever since I was a boy, I’ve split my time between my dad and all the grandkids in Amarillo, Texas, then Christmas Day at my grandma's with my mom in Hereford, Texas. My cousins and I used to celebrate at our granny and pawpaw’s loud house. That was one of my favorite traditions, and I miss it. It was a mess but a lot of fun.” — Randall King

“Christmas is always spent with family and friends, reflecting on the year behind us. I also eat tons of food which motivates me to hit the gym again in January!” — Caleb Miller of King Calaway

"The kids are at perfect ages now to get all the way into the holiday magic. The family and I just plan to kick back and enjoy the Christmas spirit together. “ — Brent Cobb

“I can’t wait to spend some time with my family playing some cards around the kitchen table! I always love snow at Christmas time, and I'm pretty excited for a white Christmas this year, which we typically have in Grande Prairie, AB!” — Tenille Townes 

“We always have a family Christmas party in our onesies. Christmas Eve dinner is always at grandma’s house, and of course a lot of wine!” — Chris Lucas of LoCash


 “I’ve got plans for a Louisiana Christmas which means it’ll be filled with matching pajamas mama’s spiked punch, Hank Williams records and a whole lot of family sitting by the fire. We’re a wild bunch so I can guarantee there will be a lot of laughs and crazy stories going around.”— Lainey Wilson

 “I will be heading back to Virginia to hang with family for the majority of the holidays…With hopefully a few trips to the duck camp thrown in before we start back up in January.” — Jordan Davis

 “After a busy year, I’m planning on relaxing at home back in Kentucky with my family. I’m spending as much time with my grandparents as I can.” — Walker Montgomery

“I 100% have to head home for Christmas. If I don’t, my stepdad won’t get fed. Momma only cooks when I’m home. And for the first time, I have the capability to buy Christmas presents for my family, so I’m very excited for Christmas this year!” — Chayce Beckham

“After a busy year, I can’t wait to head back to my two home states, California and Oklahoma! My family means the world to me, and I know that we are going to have a ton to catch up on.” — Emma Salute of Temecula Road

“This year for the holidays I’m heading back to our hometown, Temecula, California, to spend time with my family. One of our favorite traditions is driving through neighborhoods listening to Christmas music and checking out all of the lights. And I’ll for sure be getting stuffed on Mama’s homemade sweet potato casserole!” — Dawson Anderson of Temecula Road

“My two older brothers and dad also play music, so this holiday season is filled with lots of family time and stage time. Sharing the gift of music is what I truly believe I do best, and there is no better time to spread that joy than the holiday season.” — Ian Munsick

“I’ll be spending Christmas in Gibraltar with my family. I always love eating leftovers on Christmas Day at night just being together with loved ones!” — Simon Dumas of King Calaway

“I’m so excited to be spending this Christmas with my family in Delaware, see some old friends, and to drink my weight in eggnog.” — Chad Michael Jervis of King Calaway

“We’re headed back to my parents’ house in Atlanta for a couple days, then we go to Las Vegas on Christmas night to be with Daira's family! I always enjoy the relaxation with both of our parents, with a little bit of fun and drinking games sprinkled in with our brothers. Also, nothing beats Christmas candles, so that’s something I know will always be burning in my parents’ house!” — Lily Rose

“We always make what we call the ‘tour de Arkansas.’ We have family all over the state and we stop as many places as we can and get as much family time as we can. We use the season as a chance to bridge the gap between our life in Nashville and the ones we love back home.” — Adam Hambrick

“I can’t wait to be rocking around the Christmas ‘palm’ trees in Florida, with a Grinch-Tini in hand! My family and I love singing Christmas songs together and hitting a beachfront hotel on Christmas Day!" — Taryn Papa

“This year I’ll be spending Christmas with my boyfriend in his hometown of Cornwall, England. It’s my first Christmas away from my family but with FaceTime; it would feel so weird not to see them! My favorite thing about visiting Cornwall during the holidays is how festive the towns get. The lights and decorations are so classic looking and adorable!” — Cassadee Pope

“For the holidays I’ll be going back home to Massachusetts and spending time with my family and praying that it snows on Christmas.” — Georgia Webster

“For Christmas this year, my family and I will be headed to the East Coast. We’ll spend some time in Florida and my hometown of Virginia Beach. So much of my family still lives in Virginia, and it has a big piece of my heart." — Alana Springsteen

“I’m thinking I might take my wife and daughter to the North Pole to chill with Santa and ride reindeers for a few days this holiday.” — Tyler Farr

“We will spend Christmas Eve in snowy Wisconsin at my parents' log cabin. We usually drink a significant amount of cocktails and then pull the kids through the woods on the toboggan. It’s the most Midwestern Christmas you can think of!" — Caitlyn Smith

 “This year we will pack up the car and drive to West Texas to ring in Christmas with my wife’s family. Our kiddos will get to see all their cousins, and my wife’s grandmother prepares the most amazing Christmas dinner.” — James Young of Eli Young Band

“My family and I plan on traveling up to my parents’ house in Waco and enjoying all 37 of us, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandkids, etc. Lots of folks on Christmas morning. It’s a chaotic beautiful mess of a holiday and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I also plan on getting some quiet time with my 2 boys in a deer stand!” — Wade Bowen

 “This Christmas we’re going back to Australia for the first time in 2 years, it’s going to be so good to see our families again. Christmas in Australia is summertime, so it’ll be a nice change from the cold winter tears we’ve been weeping for the past couple of months." — Seaforth 

“I come from a big family, so it's rare that we all get to be together under one roof now that we're all grown up. But this year we get to do exactly that. A cabin in Utah, matching pajamas, food, movies and more food.” — Abby Anderson


“Our families are going to come to Tennessee, and we’ll celebrate the holidays with them at our home. I’m looking forward to teaching my daughter the real meaning of Christmas. " — Drew Parker

“For Christmas this year I’ll be spending the holiday at home with my fiance! It’s been a busy year, so we’re excited to have a little bit of chill time with the family. Lots of Christmas light viewings and cookie baking will be happening as well! Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I’m very excited for this year.” — Maddie Salute of Temecula Road

“The Deatons have a tender Tennessee Christmas, the only Christmas for me! My whole family gets together in one house. It’s a noisy time spent with a lot of food and a lot of laughter.” — Chris Deaton of King Calaway

“For this Christmas, I’m spending it at home with my family. We’re going to bake together, watch Christmas movies, and just spend quality family time together.” –—Chevel Shepherd

“This Christmas, I plan on hanging out with my family in Nashville. We keep it pretty low key, but there will absolutely be a tamale-making party happening — we’re definitely keeping that holiday tradition going!” — Frank Ray

“After months of me, my wife and four kiddos sleeping on a bus and construction chaos, we JUST finished remodeling our house so are going to spend every minute enjoying the finished product (and having our own bedrooms again)."  — Tim Montana

"This holiday season, I am excited to spend some much-needed time with my family! I’m also excited to start working towards my goals for the new year, while still writing and creating new music!" — Ashland Craft

“This year is a lot different — we’re actually playing a handful of shows in December, mostly charity events, which I love. But then Christmas is all about being home with the family. I’ve got my niece and nephew coming out to the farm. Everyone’s excited to get out there, grill out and chill out. No big plans, just be together and have fun.” – Dustin Lynch


“This year is even more special as my wife and I will celebrate our baby boy, Preston’s, first Christmas! I can’t wait to put Christmas music on repeat, open gifts and dig through our stockings.”  — Alex Hall

“It’s been a wild year so I’m excited to take a beat to spend time with the people I love and celebrate our baby Zaelyn’s first Christmas!” — Elvie Shane

 “I’m excited to decorate the tree with my daughter and watch her enjoy her first Christmas. I’m thankful to celebrate the birth of our Lord with her for the first time this year, as well!” — Gabby Barrett

“We love being home in Tennessee on Christmas morning, and watching the kids’ faces light up as they run out to see the presents under the tree! Last year, our little girl, Love, set up a hidden camera and caught Santa Claus dropping off gifts, eating the cookies, and playing with the toys at our house! It was incredible!” — Preston Brust of LoCash


“I have been on the road since August, so I am ready to see my family and my dog Jet. Other than that, the plan for the holidays is to not have a plan.” — Laine Hardy

 “This holiday season I’m going to kick back and watch the world go by with my wife Hope and 1-year-old son Jag. We’ll have some family up, watch the kids tear into presents, eat good food and drink ice cold Miller Lite with Santa. If you ain’t down with that, then you ain’t invited .” — John Jeffers of Whiskey Myers.


 “My Grandma is making lasagna, so I couldn’t be more pumped!” — Nate Smith

“This holiday season I’m looking forward to seeing family, eating sweet potato casserole and deer hunting with my dad.” — Jameson Rodgers

"We just get together at my mom’s house and pig out on lots of Southern cooking! After that, we do presents with the family, and then we all sleep amazing because we are stuffed!” – Mitchell Tenpenny

“Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love everything about it, the food, the lights and especially the time well spent with family and friends!” — Niko Moon

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