Sure, everybody's dreaming of a white Christmas, but what about Thanksgiving this year in southeast Minnesota?

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

While having snow on the ground for Thanksgiving isn't as nostalgic as Christmas, it can still happen. And because many of us are heading over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving holiday, some snow or other wintry precipitation can really be a hassle.

So, what are the oods we'll have a white Thanksgiving this year? Well, KTTC-TV meteorologist Matt Benz posted some information about just that on his Twitter page earlier this week, courtesy of the National Weather Service.

They call a 'white Thanksgiving' any time there's either at least an inch of snow falling or at least an inch of snow already on the ground on that fourth Thursday in November.

Historically speaking, though, here in southeast Minnesota, the probability of there being snow on the ground for Thanksgiving isn't all that great, somewhere between only a 20 and 40 percent chance.

If you head north just a bit, however, your chances for a white Thanksgiving start to increase. In the Twin Cities (where I'll be stuffing my face at two different Thanksgiving dinners this year), the probability increases to between a 40 to 60 percent chance.

And if you're heading way up to Minnesota's North Shore, near Duluth, your odds are way higher, at between 60 to 80 percent-- or higher this year, seeing as that area already has snow on the ground.



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