Even though Minnesota state legislators appear to have passed bills that would allow liquor stores to open on Sunday, a local Rochester city ordinance might say otherwise.

Getty Images/Glow RM

As we heard Monday, the Minnesota Senate passed a bill that will repeal Minnesota's 159-year old law that bans liquor stores from opening on Sunday. (A conference committee is expected to work out the few differences between the House and Senate bills and send them to Governor Dayton to sign.)

If everything passes as it's expected to, liquor stores could start opening on Sundays in Minnesota in July. Except perhaps here in Rochester, that is.

That's because the city of Rochester has a local ordinance that also prohibits Sunday liquor sales. (Specifically, it's Ordinance 125B.21 Subd 5, which you can read HERE.)

Other cities in the state, like Albert Lea, also have similar ordinances banning liquor stores from being open on Sundays.

So what's next? Well, it appears each local municipality where there's a law in place will need to pass a new ordinance legalizing Sunday sales.

And, according to a post on the Med City Beat Facebook page, Rochester City Council member Michael Wojcik is looking to "prepare an action to eliminate that ordinance."

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