Now that Thanksgiving is almost here, it is about time to start thinking about Christmas. Many of us still get real Christmas trees to celebrate the holiday, but is there a possibility there might be a shortage in Minnesota?

KTTC talked to a Christmas tree farmer who says he doesn't predict any shortage for Rochester, but the rest of the country is seeing a shortage because of the 2012 drought. Minnesota may see a few fewer trees than normal, but there will still be plenty available.  In the article, the Christmas tree farmer says that it can take anywhere from seven to ten years to get a Fraser Fir (Christmas trees) ready to put in our house. Those are the most common Christmas Trees. With that in mind, it would make sense why there is a shortage.

When we see a shortage, there is most likely a price hike that goes along with it. The article says that this year, you may pay a little more for a real tree than years past. The lot in Rochester said they had a 10% hike this year because of the short supply. The price will vary depending on where you get your tree from, but expect to pay a little more this year.

It is suggested that if you are planning on cutting down your own tree or getting a real one from a lot, you should do it sooner rather than later. The Minnesota Christmas Tree Association website has a cool feater. It has a map on it that shows you exactly where you can buy your trees or where you can go to cut them down. If you want to check it out, click here.

So long answer short, there are fewer trees across the country, but in Minnesota, they don't consider it a shortage. So we can get our hands on real Christmas Trees this year.

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