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While we all likely enjoy a fast-food burger, nobody has eaten as many as this Wisconsin man.

You gotta hand it to Don Gorske. This Wisconsinite set a Guinness Book of World Records in August of 2021 and now he's just passed another incredible milestone. And, unlike some other Wisconsin records, this one has nothing to do with beer or excessive drinking. (Hey, I can say that-- I'm also from America's Dairyland.)

Dan lives in Fond du Lac (located in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley, a little under four hours east of Rochester), and his incredible records involve his love of the Big Mac hamburger from McDonald's. In fact, you might have heard about Dan and his Big Mac obsession last summer when he first set the Guinness Book of World Records for the total number of Big Macs he's eaten.

Actually, according to this UPI story, Don first set a Guinness World Record for eating Big Macs 23 years ago:

He earned a Guinness World Record in 1999 when he was confirmed to have eaten 15,490 of the McDonald's sandwiches in his lifetime, and the record was most recently updated in August 2021, when his total surpassed 32,340.

And now, Don has reached a new milestone: It's been 50 years he has been eating Big Macs-- 2 of them each day, mind you-- as he continues to break his previous record for the number of Big Macs eaten in his lifetime.

50 years of eating two Big Macs a day! Can you imagine? The UPI story says Don had his first Big Mac on May 17th, 1972, and he's continued to eat them nearly every day ever since then. In fact, the story noted that Don said there have only been 8 days in the last 50 years where he DIDN'T down a Big Mac (Slacker!)

While I love DO love a good burger (sorry Don, the Double Cheeseburger, not the Big Mac, is my McDonald's fav) I can't imagine eating that much of ANYTHING. Can you? Just think of how things have changed over the last 50 years while Don has been eating all those Big Macs! Keep scrolling to check out some famous brands that were around when he started eating, but have since gone away.

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