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This is another one of those 'Only In Wisconsin!' stories!

If you talk to any police officer or law enforcement officer who's been on the job for more than a few years, they can tell you some wild stories of different things they've seen while patrolling the roads and highways. My dad was a police officer back in Wisconsin for over 30 years, and he'd often times have some hilarious tales of things different drivers did that ended up in him writing them a ticket.

So, I'm guessing the Wisconsin State Patrol trooper (from their North Central district, which includes my hometown of Wausau) who stopped this pick-up truck a few days ago ALSO has a pretty good story to tell. As you can see by the picture from their Facebook page below, the driver of the pick-up doesn't have a front seat in the truck. Instead,  yes, that's a lawn or camping chair-- the kind with drink holders built into the arms-- they're using to sit in while they drive.

Yeah, that's not legal over in America's Dairyland, where state law mandates that your front seat must be secured to the vehicle. It also doesn't have a seatbelt, which has only required in cars in Wisconsin... since 1972! (I didn't check the state statutes, but I'm going to guess both of those things are also required on vehicles here in Minnesota.) The post doesn't say if the driver got a ticket or not, but seeing as they were originally pulled over for an equipment violation, I'm going to venture that they most likely did.

And like the post said, you don't see THAT every day. Not judging, but from the picture, it looks like that truck might NOT be the finest motor vehicle on the road-- unlike some of those classic cars we're starting to see now that the weather's getting warmer. And speaking of classic cars, which one is YOUR favorite? Keep scrolling to check out the iconic cars that debuted the year you were born.

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