It's been a rite of passage when it comes to getting your driver's license, but it won't be happening anymore over in Wisconsin.

To say these are unprecedented times in which we find ourselves living these days is kind of an understatement, isn't it? The ongoing coronavirus pandemic as upended just about all aspects of our lives over the past several months.

Things are happening we never could have imagined, like seeing gas selling for under two dollars a gallon! Or, having to NOT take that dreaded behind-the-wheel test with a DMV examiner to get your driver's license.

Wait, what? You don't have to take the behind-the-wheel test to get your driver's license anymore?!? Well, here in Minnesota you still do, but over in my home state of Wisconsin, it's a different story.

Because they've been shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has a big backlog of would-be drivers waiting to take their test. So to speed things up, they said yesterday that starting Monday, you no longer have to take that test to get a driver's license in America's Dairyland!

Of course, there are a few criteria you have to meet first: 16 and 17-year-olds have to take an approved driver's education course, log 36 hours of practice driving, and get permission from a parent or guardian to waive the road test.

The Wisconsin DOT noted on their website that 'Historically, 98% of 16-17-year olds pass their road test on their first or second attempt,' so waiving the test isn't going to affect things all that much.

I sure wish that policy was in effect when I was trying to get my driver's license back in Wisconsin. Yes, I had to take mine a second time before passing-- I couldn't quite get my dad's Oldsmobile Delta 88 (which was about the size of one of those tankers you see in the harbor in Duluth) parallel parked close enough to the curb the first time. Fail!

Even though their offices have been closed too, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety says there are NO plans to waive the behind-the-wheel driver's test here, however.

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