It's a story that will give you all the feels and it happened not too far from here, up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

I worked in Eau Claire for nearly 20 years (after getting my degree from UWEC-- Go Blugolds!) so when I saw this story pop up in my news feed, I was intrigued. (I always think I might know someone when I see a story from Wisconsin-- despite the fact that it's a state with a population larger than Minnesota's, and despite the fact that I haven't lived there in nearly 7 years.)

The Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire's daily newspaper, has a really cool article that explains the story of Hillary Harris and Dawn Johnson, who, last year became next-door neighbors, but ended up sharing something more profound than just the driveway between their two houses.

It turns out they're long-lost sisters, which Dawn discovered after doing some research on her family. The LT sums it up like this: "Harris and Johnson who grew up in different communities but now live next door to each other and share a driveway on Eau Claire’s west side, found out recently through Harris’ research that they are sisters," the story noted.

Wow. That's quite the discovery! What are the odds of finding your long-lost right next door to you?!? And in a city that neither one of you were born in, too?!?

You can read the entire story HERE. I'm thinking that, with luck like that, one of them ought to buy a lottery ticket, right?!?

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