If you can remember back to 2019, there was some finger-licking excitement coming from Bloomington as the Mall of America and the restaurant chain Chicken Guy announced that a new location would be coming to the Mall of America. Well fast forward 3 years and there still is no Chicken Guy restaurant at the Mall of America, and now the mall is taking the chain co-founder to court over its failure to open.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reported the lawsuit that was filed in court against co-founder Robert Earl and his company Earl Enterprises. Celebrity co-founder Guy Fieri wasn't listed on the lawsuit according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. 

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports that:

Mall of America accuses Chicken Guy of breaching its lease by failing to pay rent, start construction and open by mid-June 2021 and Earl Enterprises of committing fraud by omission in falsely presenting Chicken Guy as a credit-worthy entity able to fulfill its financial obligations under the lease.

The megamall claims the Florida-based restaurant chain owed about $292,000 in back rent at the end of July 2022. Mall of America is seeking more than $3 million from Earl and his company to cover Chicken Guy's rent through the end of its lease, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Meanwhile, it appears that Chicken Guy is still opening stores as one in New Jersey recently opened up according to the Chicken Guy social media account.

The Chicken Guy website also doesn't list a location at the Mall of America that is coming soon.

It's not looking good for Minnesota getting a Chicken Guy, but we may have solved the age-old riddle of what came first, clear it's the egg at this point after Chicken Guy never came to the MOA.

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