There is a dog-poop problem in Duluth. According to the Duluth News-Tribune,

Even before snow began to melt, the sheer volume of dog feces (Jodi Libey) encountered while walking her dog, Jasper, at Duluth's Hartley Park had made an impression on her. She recalled a 20-minute stroll in February, where she counted 62 piles.

"So, that's one piece of poop every 32 seconds," Libey said.


Do we have the same problem in Rochester? Are we not picking up after our pets? I don't have a dog so you'll have to tell me.  Comment below with what you've seen on your dog walks.

"But is biodegradable!" Sure it is, but when a lot of dog-poop collects, doggy diseases can be very close behind. Like Parvo. That was the big worry at the Austin Dog Park last summer. (see what they were worried about HERE). 


Back to Jodi Libey. What was her solution? She grabbed a big ol' bucket, some scoopers, and went to work, creating at least a few safe spaces for her dog. She really is the Poop Fairy.

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