A woman on Reddit says her friend warned her about infidelity after her husband harmlessly complimented her dress during a double date.

The woman revealed her friend has some insecurities because she was cheated on by a long-term boyfriend.

"A good friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years after she discovered he was cheating. She has recently decided to get back into dating, but she wanted the first date to be a double date for her own comfort. Her date was completely on board and they invited my husband and I. We met at a restaurant. My husband and I arrived first, and my friend showed [up] soon after," the woman shared in her Reddit post.

Before her pal's date arrived, the woman's husband offered her friend a friendly compliment, calling her dress "elegant" and "unique."

"Here’s the thing about my husband and his family: They give compliments. It’s never sexual or over-the-top, but they all will occasionally give nice comments to people they know/trust, regardless of gender, and they do it sensibly, in my opinion. And it’s not always about appearances. It’s one of the things that attracts me to him," the woman explained.

The double date went great at first. However, the next day, the woman's friend confronted her about her husband's comment.

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"My friend texted me this: 'You need to tell [your husband] to stop making comments about other women. That’s how affairs start.' I told her I disagreed. She responded: 'As someone who was cheated on, trust me, I know. I can’t believe you are okay with [your husband] looking at my dress. I was pissed off for you.'"

The woman told her friend that if she's "uncomfortable" with compliments, her husband would "respect her boundary/wishes," but her friend doubled down by insinuating the woman's husband might cheat on her.

"She replied with, 'Don’t come crying to me when you catch him with another woman [red flag emojis],'" she recalled.

Reddit users backed the woman and her husband in the comments section.

"I guess she didn’t consider him complimenting her as a friend would be a nice boost to her confidence right before a major date," one person wrote.

"She sounds MAD insecure. My boyfriend has a couple of female friends from [college] and he always tells me they look beautiful/lovely/glowing when we see them. Even though they're all around the same age he gives off big brother vibes towards them," another commented.

"Sounds like her new boyfriend won't stand a chance. She will be suspicious at all times, check his phone, ask his whereabouts and fly off the handle if he even talks or looks at another woman. I think those red flags belong to HER," someone else weighed in.

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