If you think that your productivity at work takes a hit at the end of the week, well, you're probably right. In fact, according to this survey, Monday mornings tend to be when people are the most productive. Yes, Monday mornings, before lunch.

So many of us dread Monday mornings on Sunday nights, as we know the deadlines and work waiting for us right away in the am. The thought of all of the tasks can be overwhelming, however, out of the professionals surveyed, more than half said their productivity peaks at the beginning of the week. Monday (29%) is higher than Tuesday (27%) by two points. After Hump Day (20%), worker productivity dips: 13% of employees do their best work on Thursdays, followed by 11% on Fridays.

The age and office structure of workers is also a factor in productivity, with older workers preferring a closed office, and more millennials comfortable in an open floor plan. As for the biggest distractions; an overly social or chatty coworker is the number one listed distraction with a noisy office coming in second. Unnecessary phone calls and meetings round out the top 3.

If you can avoid scheduling any meetings at noon, unless it's a celebration meeting, that's a good thing. Almost all surveyed agreed that lunchtime meetings are the least productive time to try to get any work done.

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