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Minnesota is the home of the world's largest ball of twine made by one man, the world's largest hockey stick, and the world's largest prairie chicken. So, by rights, we should be the home of the world's largest SPAM Musubi...but we aren't.

And no, it's not in Hawaii, the state eating the most SPAM per capita, either. The world's largest SPAM Musubi is in...Clarksville, Tennessee.

This musubi is 1,120-pound and according to KOHN-TV,

Kimo’s Hawaiian Grill is behind the 1,120-pound combination of spam, rice and seaweed. 1,120-pound combination of spam, rice and seaweed...shattered the current 628-pound record held by Ed Sugimoto, who created a monster musubi back in September, 2012, at the Rice Fest.

Credit: Spam Museum Facebook Page
Credit: Spam Museum Facebook Page

How much of what went into the musubi?

  • Cooked Rice: 1,000 pounds
  • SPAM: 158 Cans
  • Seaweed: 42 Bags

It's not been certified by the Guinness World Records folks, but once it is, the title will stand in Tennessee. Then, we realllly have to get working on it. Austin, what do you say? I'm in if you're in!

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