The news that the NFL and the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee are looking for 10,000 volunteers to work for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis got me thinking: why would anyone 'volunteer' their time to work for the billionaires club that is the NFL?


Now I should point out that, according to this GoMN story, it's the non-profit Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee that's looking for volunteers, not actually the NFL itself, which makes it legal according to Minnesota law.

The story says volunteers will be doing such things as, "greeting visitors at MSP airport, providing directions on city streets, and helping man the many Super Bowl-related events taking place in the Twin Cities."

The story also notes that Host Committee says volunteers will get "a uniform and a 'once-in-a-lifetime prize,' the chance to be part of the Minnesota Super Bowl LII Host Committee’s Super Bowl festivities."

Just don't look for any tickets to the Big Game itself, though. Or any pay for your time, either.

Which makes me say I'm not interested. I mean, come on, the NFL is comprised of billionaire owners who, in turn, hire millionaire coaches and players. And I'm supposed to 'volunteer' my time to help their Super Bowl run smoothly?

If they need help making sure their Super Bowl goes off without a hitch, I'm thinking they could open up the NFL checkbook.

Because when it comes to volunteering, it seems to me there are many, many other truly non-profit groups around Minnesota that could use your manpower hours more than the NFL can. Maybe that's just me, though.

Would you volunteer to work at the Super Bowl next February?

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