First it was Michael's, then Green Mill, Sontes and O'Neill's Pizza Pub. Now there's yet another restaurant in Rochester that has closed its doors. Which one is it now?

Sean Baker/Twitter
Sean Baker/Twitter

The answer would be the Downtown Kitchen, located on Historic 3rd Street in downtown Rochester. According to a sign near their front door on Wednesday,  "Unfortunately, our lease was not renewed and we are now closed."

A story on goes on to say: "Chef Kevin Madden opened the restaurant in a small shop on historic 3rd Street in downtown Rochester back in 2012. The building, which is connected to the Tap House, was the former home of Jaspers Alsatian Bistro."

At this rate, it seems it would almost be faster to start listing the Rochester restaurants that are still open! Anybody want to make any guesses on which restaurant you think will be next to close?


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