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Swimply is the Airbnb of private pools...and there's one you can rent here in Rochester, Minnesota (and a bunch in the Twin Cities. Scroll down for pictures.

Rochester North Park Pool - Link in story.
Rochester North Park Pool - Link in story.

The one in Rochester is in North Park and is called, "North Park Pool". .

This family friendly heated pool is great for all ages. The pool ranges from 3 to 10 feet deep. The shallow 3 foot end is clearly marked with buoys for younger swimmers. Enjoy using the diving board, water slide, and water basketball hoop. The patio has poolside deck furniture for guest use. A privacy fence surrounds the pool and backyard. See their listing on Swimply by clicking here.

The pool toys for free, but if you want to cook out, too...you have to pay extra.

Rochester North Park Pool - Link in story.
Rochester North Park Pool - Link in story.

I'll leave it to you to find all the prices, but there are private pools for as little as $25.00 and hour all the up to $100.00/hour. Though there may be higher priced ones, I didn't see them in the search.

According to Swimply, they started in 2018 with a test of four New Jersey pools. During the pandemic it got big, and while most of the pools are in states with a ton of sun, we have 'em here, too.

In the Star Tribune, Swimply co-founder Asher Weinberger, said

"The best opportunities for us are not in Arizona, or Florida, it's actually places like Minneapolis, where there are fewer pools...The supply-demand ratio is so skewed, and there's so little time to enjoy pools because of the seasons. People really are motivated."

Some of them are super posh, some of them are sassy, and some are just a plain above-ground pool.

18x48 in Lewiston - Click for link.
18x48 in Lewiston - Click for link.

Like Airbnb folks, Swimply pool owners want the money to help with the costs of the pool upkeep and winterization...or because they like meeting people. That last part is why I like Airbnb's so much when I'm traveling. Fun to talk to people.

Let's take a look at some of the pools (there are way more on Swimply).

Private Pools You Can Rent Thru the Swimply App in Rochester and the Twin Cities

If you've used AirBnB to book a room, you can use Swimply to book a private pool. So far, there's only one in Rochester and one in Lewiston. In Minneapolis / St Paul there are a bunch. What's below is just a sampling of the ones I thought were most interesting.

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I know this is about Swimply, not Airbnb's, but...I just have to share this. I found it in a Rochester Airbnb back in 2018! The Storybook Home hosted by Covered By Faith. Awesome place and an kind and loving host.

That's from this home...

The Storybook Home

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