Earlier this spring, a power play resulted in $30,000 worth of cash being distributed.  Now, more is on the way.

man holding a purse with money closeup

Want the opportunity to beef up your bank account with $1,000? Well, it's quite easy. Let's explain how Quick Country 96.5's $1K Power Play works.  All you have to do is listen to Quick Country 96.5 weekdays at 7:20am and Curt St. John will tell you the $1K Power Play Artist of the Day.  Then he'll tell you what hours you'll hear back to back songs from them.  When you hear them, listen for the DJ to give you a code to enter on our contest page to win cash, $1,000 with each code.  The contest runs weekdays (excluding Memorial Day) between May 15 and June 2, 2017.

Here's the last 30 winners:

Jeremy W.
Megan D.
Lindsay C.
Melissa G.
Daniel P.
Brandi E.
Toni P.
Joy K.
Rhonda M.
Dennis C.
Sheila S.
Lisa J.
Allison M.
Susan H.
Shelley M.
Cherylann B.
Beth J.
Becky P.
Kevin K.
Juanita B.
James E.
Ryan W.
Tod V.
Krystal H.
Shannon M.
Alicia M.
Leslie H.
Crystal L.
Mary M.
Vicki K.

Get ready to listen starting May 15! We can't wait to get you that cash bonus you deserve. (Yes, you can spend it on just the stuff you want and skip all the things on the stuff you need list. Except food. You definitely need food.)

All regular station contest rules apply.

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