Just in time for Halloween, the results are in... but if you're like me, you won't believe which film is Minnesota's Favorite Horror Movie.


There have been some really good horror movies made over the years, including some fairly new films. But according to a new survey from CableTV.com, more Minnesotan were interested in watching some classic Halloween horror.

That's right, here in Minnesota, more residents Googled the movie 'Pyscho' than any other horror movie, making the classic Hitchcock film released way back in 1960 the Most Popular Horror Movie in the state.

The story tabulated the results using Google searches plus a few other things, including respected lists of favorite horror movies. It started with "a Top 25 Horror Movie ranking compiled by the entertainment media company IGN to limit its considerations for Google searches. It then looked at Google trend data to determine which of the 25 were most-searched for in each state," the story said, explaining how it came up with the results.

Interestingly, Minnesota was the only state that put 'Pyscho' at the top of the list. In Wisconsin and the Dakotas, 'The Ring' was the most Googled horror movie, which was also the number-one horror movie in the country. 'It,' 'The Exorcist,' and 'Saw' were also near the top of the list nationally.

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