If you get your caffeine fix and hang out in any Starbucks in Rochester, head's up-- they won't soon be selling this item anymore.

It's a fairly regular occurrence these days when restaurants and national chains like Starbucks roll out new items on their menu. It's also, sadly, a regular occurrence when those same chains then take items off their menu so they're no longer available.

And that's what's set to happen soon at Rochester's Starbucks locations. Well, not just Rochester Starbucks locations, but pretty much at ANY Starbucks location. And, before you get all worked up that your favorite half-calf mocha latte is going bye-bye, you can relax. What's leaving Starbucks will really only affect you if you hang out there in the store-- and it's not even on the menu.

So what's leaving? That'd be the newspapers that Starbucks sells in those kiosks near the checkouts. According to this CNN Business story, the coffee chain is set to stop selling those newspapers (like USA Today and the New York Times) in September of this year, as the company looks to focus on solely on its food and drink offerings.

And this isn't the first time Starbucks has pared down what it has for sale, either, the story noted. You might remember when they used to sell CD's as well as a much bigger selection of mugs and other items. The CD's pretty much went away back in 2015, and its mug selection started slowly going away earlier this year.

So, starting in September, it looks like you'll need to just do what everyone else does when they're at Starbucks: have your head buried in your phone, tablet or computer!

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