I know that a bunch of businesses rely on Facebook posts to help spread the word about whatever they are selling or doing.  When money is tight, Facebook is a great tool (except when it's not working...#toosoon?) If you weren't aware, that's not always the best way to "spread the word" about big changes.  In fact, you might post extremely important news but sadly, a bunch of people will never see it.  That's what happened to me and I found out the hard way that a popular BBQ place in Rochester, Minnesota closed their location and is now 60 minutes away.

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I just found out the hard way that True Smoke BBQ has closed their Rochester location for good.

You may have been one of the lucky ones that Facebook showed the post to but I had to learn by going to the front door of True Smoke BBQ on Elton Hills Drive in Rochester that they were closed.  I saw that they reopened and was super excited to have that option back in town.  But, I stopped by the other night and had to search the internet to figure out what happened.  It was then that I saw this Facebook post from September 22nd:

And that's a wrap Rochester! It has absolutely been a pleasure and the final closing is truly bitter sweet. Thank you to everyone that came out for the final fish fry. We hope to see you sometime in the future at our new location in Canton, MN. - True Smoke BBQ - Catering/Food Truck Facebook Page

New location for True Smoke BBQ is a 60 minute drive from Rochester.

If you are craving their collard greens or ribs, you'll have to hop in the car and drive south about 60 minutes to Canton, Minnesota.


According to a comment in the Facebook post, True Smoke BBQ is now located in the Canton Pub building at 110 Main Street N.


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