A Kwik Trip Enthusiast Facebook Page showed up on my news-feed the other day, I had no idea such a thing existed, so I clicked through to check it out. The page is full of posts from super fans sharing reviews on new products and chronicling their experiences at Kwik Trips all across the upper Midwest.

I know a convenience store having a fan page sounds weird, but people really love Kwik Trip. My family certainly does. We go to Kwik Trip multiple times a week for everything from coffee to milk, and my kids usually end up getting some sort of treat so naturally they love tagging along.

While scrolling through the page I saw photos of a “Kiddie Kwik Trip” and instantly started making plans to take my kids to check it out. Apparently, Kwik Trip partnered with the Children’s Museum in La Crosse to create a miniature Kwik Trip store for kids to play and learn in.

They told me their Kiddie Kwik Trip has been up for several years and is extremely popular with young ones. Since opening in 1999, over 1-million people have visited the La Crosse Children’s Museum. It’s located at 207 5th Ave S. in La Crosse.

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