Let's face it - getting back to the gym is hard! Sometimes we can stick to those diets, and sometimes it's a challenge. In my opinion, laughing makes all of it that much easier! This weekend, while you're huddled up and avoiding the cold, spend some time watching these movies to make light of the situation.


1. Mean Girls.

Mainly because that kalteen bar scene is everything. Who doesn't hate it when products you think are going to work, don't!?


2. The Nutty Professor.

Need some motivation to get back to the gym, or change your diet? Look no further than Sherman! The best part of this whole movie, is that he ended up accepting himself in all forms.


3. Shallow Hal.

...because beauty really is only skin deep! I love that this whole movie is centered around that.


4. Heavyweights.

Lunch is cancelled, due to hilarity! This one is sure to make you laugh, even though Ben Stiller is evil here.

Happy movie watching!