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This Vikings 'Minneapolis Miracle' Video Gives You All The Feels
Sure, we were all watching Sunday night. And sure, we all thought things might turn out the way they had always ended before. But not this time. When Case Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs for the now-famous 'Minneapolis Miracle,' the state of Minnesota went wild!
Rochester Could Use This Amazing Snow Plow
Seeing as Old Man Winter dumped several inches of snow on us yesterday, you've probably had to shovel where the plowed dumped all that snow at the end of your driveway, right? Which is why we need THIS snow plow here in Rochester!
Sugarland To Play Minnesota State Fair This Summer
We'd heard a few weeks ago that Sugarland was touring this summer, and that they were including a stop here in Minnesota. Well, we now know they're going to be playing at the Minnesota State Fair this summer!
The Most Annoying Part of A Minnesota Winter
Sure, all those sub-zero temperatures aren't that fun. And having to drive through snow and ice isn't fun, either. But here's one of the most annoying things about winter in Minnesota.